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At the end of the 70's FANTINI looked to the future and paid particular attention to the world of design. In 1977 the "I Balocchi" collection was born with an absolutely new design. Above all, for the first time, the final product of the faucets came in different colours. Today the business offers a wide variety of products in the field of bathrooms and this gives way for not only a normal faucet or shower column, but something you could intergrate into the decor of your home.

The FANTINI business was founded and established by brothers Giovanni and Ersilio on the edge of Lake Orta in the province of Novara. Its activity has evolved from its original service of faucets.
The activity of the business has developed and grown which has allowed a passage of transformation.
Generations confront this with committment and receive great results: Fantini is a consolidated truth which is active in the high standards of the market whether it be national or international.

Since the beginning, Fantini have dedicated and designated years to develop and evolutionise the faucet and continue to do so today. The most important thing has been the growing attention to the designs of the products, whether it is the ambience of the sink or the multi-function column in the shower. This is thanks to the collaboration of designers from different schools of thinking - the teacher Enzo Mari, e poi King & Miranda, Paolo Pedrizzetti, Davide Mercatali, Franco Sargiani, Angeletti & Ruzza, C&p, Gianpaolo Benedini, Birgit Lohmann, Giovanna Talocci - The business continues to strive for consistent activity with experimentation to offer you a market product of the highest quality and performance.


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