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NICOLAZZI produces since 1960 taps, showers and bathroom accessories with an exclusive style. Beside domestic market the “authentic Italian luxury” is exported from USA to Russia, from Europe to Australia, from South Africa to Canada. HIGH QUALITY is our mission. NICOLAZZI has the most serious product (UPCc in Usa and Canada, Watermark and Wels in Australia, and more) and process (ISO 9001) certifications. Every single item is “hand crafted” and quality/pressure tested by NICOLAZZI. All this allows us to give a 6 years warranty on our products. The whole manufacturing process is made inside our plant in Alzo (Novara) using only “100% made in Italy” components. Our range is available in twenty exclusive colour finishings made by NICOLAZZI. Prestigious materials such as Swarovsky crystals, artisan ceramics from Tuscany, natural stones, exotic woods enrich our taps as “art pieces”. GOAL for the future is to continue creating exclusive objects, to be appreciated in the entire world by people looking for quality, design and typical Italian tradition.

Nicolazzi S.p.A. : Via Pietro Durio, 119, 28010 Alzo (NO), Piemonte - Italy
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