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There are many elements that make a firm a successful reality and a point of reference for the sector. For Nobili Rubinetterie the first factor is the vision and tenacity in pursuing a project begun in the years 50 as business, and turned in years 70 in a solid production group that is developed today in 4 plants for a total of over 100.000 covered sqm. on a total area of 300,000. Certainly another important success factor is represented by technological innovation (8 patent in the last 5 years) in a field where innovation is often limited only to appearance. Innovation, however, that allows Nobili to express a product that combines quality, comfort and technology to design a clean lines and sophisticated absolute trend, which uses important signatures as Dordoni, Piet Billekens, Nile Gioacchini and Antonio Bullo. The high quality of Nobili products is guaranteed by a corporate strategic choice: the total verticalization of production. Reliability, security and accuracy are guaranteed by strict quality controls and the application of innovative techniques. It is enough to say that the company over the past 5 years, has invested more than 60 million euros only for the production plants. Great attention has been placed on issues related to the environment and ecology. Nobili, in addition to closed-cycle production plants, which create a environment-friendly production, is the first company in the sector that produces an entire range of ecological kitchen taps, thanks to an innovative system that allows galvanic to eliminate all waste lead, nickel and chromium from construction materials in contact with drinking water. Today Nobili is placed on the market with a wide range: 45 series of products for bathroom and kitchen faucets into traditional and thermostatic mixers, with a distribution aimed at the international market for 60% and the domestic market for 40% . The range Noble, just to cover all the better to target and satisfy every commercial need, it is distributed with 4 lines brand: Nobili Rubinetterie for traditional products and large volumes; Teknobili for technological models designed by designers; Officine Nobili, which is the line dedicated to products of high quality and technological innovation, as the new program showers and, finally, Superinox leader in the production of stainless steel fittings. The vision, mixed with a remarkable capacity for entrepreneurship, led Nobili to reach agreements with corporate partners of major importance as Colombo Design and to acquire control of companies such as Renato Piralla (Hego), Apogee, CGS, Project Service and shareholdings in Gedy , at 25% and Blutech, with the goal of making synergy in production and distribution, while maintaining its corporate identity as part of a philosophy of total quality, which has always permeates the Nobili DNA.

Nobili Rubinetterie has always represented, for its market, a focal point for research, technological development and production capacity. Since some years Nobili has decided to consolidate these values, nowadays acquired, with an intense marketing activities and communication that goes on with great enthusiasm. But even before it developed a strategic commercial reorganization process that finds its moment of synthesis in the division of products for specific product lines. Officine Noble, which represents the line dedicated to products of high quality and technological innovation, as the new program showers. Teknobili, the line dedicated to technology products designed by designers. Nobili Rubinetterie for traditional products and large volumes. Superinox for stainless steel products. For all the new product lines was launched a major activity of corporate brands restyling and coordination of communications materials. It was then launched an extensive review and renewal action for the company that integrates seamlessly with the development of increasingly sophisticated products and inextricably linked to the design.


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