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Gruppo Zucchetti today has 4 large production sites in Italy:
.Zucchetti Spa: production plant, in Gozzano (NO) and logistics sector, in Borgomanero (NO). www.zucchettidesign.it
.Omez Spa: moulding of plastic items, located in Gattico (NO).www.omez.net .
.Zucchetti Mario Spa: plant specialising in hot brass forging, located at Antegnate (BG). www.zucchettimario.com.
.Kos Spa: production plant of design bath tub and shower cabins settled in Pordenone. www.kositalia.com

Our strong vocation for exportation has led us in recent years to set up a number of business sites abroad:
.Zucchetti Promotion & Trade: our Polish branch set up in 2004 with offices in Poznam, to guarantee a more widespread presence both on the internal market and in the emerging countries of eastern Europe: www.zucchetti.pl .
.Zucchetti China: in 2005 we opened our business branch in Shanghai to safeguard the huge Chinese market.
.Zucchetti Usa: in 2006 we founded our US business branch in New York to develop more and more a strong presence in the US market too.

The roots of Gruppo Zucchetti are sunk in solid family tradition. Three generations have followed on since 1929 when Zucchetti Rubinetteria was founded and consisted in industrial tap and valve manufacture. At the end of the 40s Mario Zucchetti became head of the company and his steady hand led it to success. Over the same period it was decided to change production over to chrome-plated domestic sanitary fixtures, exploiting the post war reconstruction period. In 1970 the group’s second company was established, Zucchetti Mario Spa, which specialises in hot brass forging. Omez Spa, dedicated to moulding of plastic items, was established in 1983. The last acquisition is really recent, beginng of 2007, and concerns the company Kos Spa that produces design bath tubs and shower cabins.
Research, technological innovation and product quality have always been Zucchetti’s trademark. Among its various success stories it is hard to forget Zetamix 6000, the first mono-block mixer taps made in Italy, in 1975, or Isystick the world’s first mixer to be fitted under the ceramic surface, dated 2001.
Zucchetti today
The company is currently run by the third generation: Elena and Carlo, who are continuing the company’s tradition of constant evolution and are responsible for its most recent success stories: Isy, Aguablu, Soft, Pan, Bellagio. These lines interpret the Zucchetti philosophy perfectly, where design and technological innovation blend together to produce items that represent a point of reference all over the world.

Simple but never ordinary.
“The world of Zucchetti is tied to daily experience where quality, space and colours are special a broad but selective vision of what is contemporary.” Elena Zucchetti
Over 75 years of experience have taught us that you can make every moment of our lives special. We feel that even the simplest, seemingly banal act of using a tap can embody strength and character within it.
This is the very trait we have always aimed to communicate with all our products. The world of Zucchetti is based on a careful choice of taste and practicality. Sculptural items are created to be contemplated and admired but not just that. Each product represents a special search for form and matter to be touched, felt and experienced day after day.
Company values
Strictly Italian research, innovation and design, all of which means special attention to detail, materials and finish.
Our avant-garde research on the visual side and constant study of advanced technology ensure product evolution and up-to-the-minute answers to the demands of the market. Made in Italy also means Zucchetti products are manufactured by Italian technicians and artisans, a fact which contributes unmistakably to our success. This decision has made Zucchetti an international brand whose features are distinguished by Italian design and hi-tech know how.


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